How do you play in the Junior PGA Championship?


A player must earn an exemption to play in the Championship.



How do you earn an exemption?


The best way to earn an exemption is to play in your Section’s Junior PGA Championship Qualifier. To view the list of Section Championships please click HERE.


A player can also earn an exemption through several National Junior and Amateur Events. The full list of exemptions can be found HERE.


If you are unable to compete in a PGA Section Junior PGA Championship Qualifier, an exemption can be granted based on special consideration and/or written request. Please click HERE to submit a special exemption request.



Which Section Junior PGA Championship Qualifier can I play in?


A player must qualify through the Section Championship in the Section in which they reside.

    • A player resides at the location in which they spend 183 days or more per year.
    • Players are NOT allowed compete for an exemption in more than one Section.
    • If a player has multiple residencies and would like to qualify in a different Section’s qualifier, please contact Championship Manager Trenton Blundell directly at



I am not a U.S. Citizen, can I play in a PGA Section Qualifier?


No. In order to play in a PGA Section Qualifier, you must reside within the section where you compete. Non-U.S. Citizens will need to earn an exemption via the National Junior and Amateur Events or Special Exemption Request.



Can I fill out the special exemption request form and not play in my local PGA Section Junior PGA Championship Qualifier?


In order to receive a special exemption by request, a player must have valid reasoning why they are not able to compete in their local PGA Section Qualifier.



Can I turn 19 the day of the final round and still be eligible?


No. All players must be no older than 18 years of age through the final round of competition.



If you have any further questions, please contact our team below:


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