ADMISSION: Admission to the Girls and Boys Junior PGA Championships is free and the public is encouraged to attend. There is no requirement of a physical ticket for entry.


PARKING: Parking is free to spectators and is located to the left side of the cricket field when you enter Keney Park. Please use 171 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095 to navigate to Championship parking.


CONCESSIONS: There will be food options available for purchase at the Tavern Restaurant and beverage carts located on holes No. 5 and No. 15. Please note, smoking, vaping and consumption of alcohol on the golf course is forbidden.


ATTIRE: Please wear comfortable walking shoes as the Championship does not allow spectator carts.


MOBILE DEVICES: Mobile devices are allowed for minimal use purposes, please follow these restrictions:

  • Devices must be set to “silent” mode
  • Phone calls must not take place on the course or an area that will disrupt competitors
  • Texting and e-mail is allowed as long at it does not disrupt competitors
  • Video and photography is allowed as long as it does not distract competitors


CAMERAS: Cameras are allowed during the Championship. We ask that spectators refrain from photography that would be distracting to competitors.


ETIQUETTE: Please refrain from addressing any player while they warm up, play a competitive round, or before a scorecard is signed. Do not walk across the fairways while competition is in progress. Remain stationary while you are in the field of view of a player executing a shot. Polite applause is appreciated; although never celebrate the misfortunes of a competitor.


SEATING: Please note there are no grandstands stationed on the golf course. Spectators may bring small folding chairs for seating.


ANIMALS/PETS: No animals or pets are allowed at the Championship except those necessary and trained to assist or guide the physically impaired.